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January 2006
Happy New Year :o)
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
I've added a few more tutorials and am working on some more so please keep checking my tut site ;)

December 21st
I've added a PSP 7 Christmas tutorial to my tut site.
I've also opened an MSN group for people to help me test my tuts before I put them on the site. If you'd be interested in joining,
the link is on the welcome page of my tutorial site. Click on the Tutorials link on the menu above.

November 19th
As you can see, I've redesigned my site....again!! I get bored easily and like to create new designs lol
Hope you like it!
I've created some wallpapers, you can find the link on the freebie page.
More PSP 10 tutorials have been added to my tutorial site

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